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How To Use Google As A Proxy ?

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  How To Use Google As A Proxy?

We often use schools and colleges internet connections, but they usually block access to undesired web sites (the "black list"). In order to access those sites you can do is use google translate as  proxy to bypass this restrictions. So lets get into it.

Method 1

1. Visit whatismyipaddress and note down you real Ip Address
2. Now Go to Google Translate
3. From Under Detect Language, Chose your language in my case English
4. Now type  in text area and click on Translate
5. Now check your Ip Address, Its different from the real one.

Method 2

1. Go to link given below:|en&
2. Change to website you like to visit.
3. Done!

If you use this trick, you are not sure to protect your privacy, this kind of connection lets you see blacklisted or banned pages but does not hide your IP address.

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