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Hacking S3crets - Best Ethical hacking Book for beginners

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Hacking S3crets - Best Ethical hacking Book for beginners 

Lot of users are keep asking which is best book for learning Ethical Hacking.  So i have planned to suggest a best book for you.

One of my friend , Sai Satish ,founder of AndhraHackes forum,  has released a Book called "Hacking s3crets" .  It is one of best Ethical hacking book.

The Book covers almost all interesting topics :

  •  email Hacking
  •  Mobile Hacking
  •  Website Hacking(Top 10 of OWASP)
  • Metasploit ,Backtrack, Samurai
  • Wireless Attacks, vulnerability scanners
  •  windows Hacking/Cracking
  •  50+ top security tools discussion
  •  Examples on live sites and may more.
It is just only Rs. 250.

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