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ZONG Trick and Tips

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ZONG Trick and Tips

*...; Zong sim for your name dial 8723.

*...; Zong free net open http:// www, via ZONG mms connection only on N70, N73, E63 and S60 version mobiles of Nokia.

*...; Free call to ZONG call center your ZONG number dial 171 or 170.

*...; ZONG free smsc type +976427534894 then save and restart the phone. This trick not all number working.

*...; Free SMS ZONG Message center number is +2236700050 and +18294149999
+92 use most important and this sms send only Zong to Zong. 100% working....
Check it Zero 0 balance.

*...; Free sms international message center number is +22570000019.
Check it zero 0 balance.

*...; As after 1 Siptember, 2009. All mobile companies will deduct "10 paisa + tax" on every Balance Inquiry. So here is the method to how to get the free balance inquiry.
Dial *310# from ZONG number.
write 5 and send.
Then write 1 and send.
You will get account and balance information on your account free. you get by dialing *222#. But the difference is that *310# >5>1 is a free method and by dialing *222# you will pay paisas.

*...; Another way to get free balance inquiry or account inquiry is;
Dial *100# from your Zong number.
Write 2 and send.
Write 1 and send.

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